Lytanan Chez Christine

Best West African Food In Town


Kedjenou (Light Soup)

Name Price
Guinea Fowl Full GH₵ 60.00
Tilapia GH₵ 30.00
Local Chicken Full GH₵ 50.00
Green Salad GH₵ 10.00
Chicken Yassa + Rice GH₵ 30.00
Fish Yassa + Rice GH₵ 30.00
Tchep GH₵ 25.00

Ghanaian Soups

Name Price
palmnut soup with (beef/chicken/ fish) served with fufu or rice GH₵ 30.00
Groundnut soup with ( beef/chicken/fish)served with fufu or plain rice GH₵ 30.00
Garden egg stew with (beef/chicken/fish)served with boiled yam or plaintain or apem GH₵ 15.00
Omo tuo/groundnut soup with cow leg/goat/dry fish/intestine GH₵ 15.00
banku/okro(crab/wele/beef/fish/goat) GH₵ 20.00
Light soup with(beef/chicken/goat/fresh fish/smoked fish) served with fufu GH₵ 20.00